Pausing in Porto Cheli

Detail of fishing boat

We had a brief stay here in Porto Cheli/Heli/

We were met by a youth who knew nothing about boats or taking lines but still asked for money for ‘helping’.  I explained I had hardly any cash and he had the cheek to point out the cash machine and suggest I visit it!

The laundry done, a sun hat purchased, there was time for two lovely walks.  The good thing about this time of year is that we can.  In the heat of summer I could not countenance it.

I saw a lorry going past carrying olive trees, roots and all.  Bound for who knows where, but it reminded me of the opening scene from a really lovely book, The Fair Botanists,   If you love Edinburgh, plants and strong women, read it!

Olive trees on the move

Our first walk took us south west, the sea on one side, olive groves and the occasional scattered holiday developments in various stages of completion on the other.

Boats in the bay
Boats and wonky pontoon
Another wobbly pontoon
and another…
We love olive trees
Looking south west from the top
Curious little building
giant seed heads
Peering cat

The other walk took us west around the bay before having brunch and setting off once more towards the Cyclades

Qi Gong in the morning, with the wreck behind…definitely not in front!
A discouraging wreck

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